Placing an order

Rule One.

You can call ( 0203 222 6100 ) or email at any time to discuss the items you are thinking of ordering.


However if you simply want to use our web site to place your enquiry it could not be easier.


From the home page you can start to view the product range by returning on one of the categories shown, OR you can use the categories drop down section on the home page OR simply go to the search bar and type in the product you are interested in.


Once you have located the product required you can add it to your ideas list  or add to your enquiry basket this allows you to build a shopping basket of items or ideas. Once these are in place you can then add some basic details which will allow us to price these products for you. You will be asked for the number of colours the artwork you want on the item comprises of, the quantity required and when its needed by. You can then add any other information you believe is relevant in the notes section. Once this is done you simply add your contact details. If you have already spoken to a sales representative at Wordflow please add their name in notes. Having completed the above , press send , sit back and relax. Once we have your enquiry we will look to provide the best possible pricing. If we have any questions we will contact you directly. 


Wordflow believe in offering the highest service level possible and will strive to offer this each time you need our help which is why we will always ask that you remember Rule One whenever you are using our web site and might be in need of a little help and advise.

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